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Disruptive Innovation
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Based on the classification of innovation, this course mainly introduces the concept, principle, characteristics and technical realization of disruptive innovation.
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About This Course

This course aims to develop an innovation tool different from traditional method, and to promote the ability of student innovation. Its rise has mirrored an increasing interest and concern among both researchers and managers with interdependence across organizations and activities. This course gives a systematic approach to conceptualizing the innovation based on technological evolution route. It presents a clear definition of disruptive technology and a characterization of the distinctive aspects of disruptive strategy. This course offers some explicit cases of the disruptive innovation process that helps understand where disruptive technology should be used and how to use this effective innovation tools.

Learning outcomes

The DI course is focused on finding undiscovered or under-utilized disruptive innovation opportunities in the competitive market. The course learning outcomes are:

LO1. Identify and differentiate the concepts related to sustaining innovation, incremental innovation, radical innovation and disruptive innovation.

LO2. Identify and differentiate the concepts related to low-end disruptive innovation and new market disruptive innovation.

LO3. Grasp the characteristics of disruptive technology.

LO4. Learn methods of technological system decomposition and how to create sub-technology system set.

LO5. According to the former material, create a sub-system technology-need radar map.

LO6. Learn how to analyze the sub-system technology-need radar map and find the opportunities.

Expected Prior Knowledge

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Course Instructor

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Jianguang Sun

More than 10 years of professional experience of innovation theory research and dissemination. Doctor in Mechanical Engineering, professor of Hebei University of Technology, National Engineering Research Center for Technological Innovation Method and Tool. 14 years performing research in the disruptive innovation, which resulted in publications in Congresses, Magazines, and author of the book: Disruptive Technology Forecasting.

ECTS Credits

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Course Content and Structure

The course has six modules. It requires 30 minutes of learners' time to complete each individual module.

  1. Introduction
  2. Concepts and models
  3. Disruptive technology features
  4. Technical system decomposition
  5. Disruptive Technology Discovery
  6. Development of disruptive products

Assessment Methods and Weighting Scheme

Quiz - 25 %

Problem solving - 30%

Recommended Readings and Other Learning Resources and Tools

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Language of Instruction

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